Category: Earth Poems

Stars form my bones, structuring my life myth.
It’s up to me to decide how I use these bones of my being.
For too long, in reaching for the stars,
I’ve neglected the physical. This stops now.
I will strengthen my body and bones,
attend to all my tasks and needs,
so I can now step out solidly through my bones,
and staying grounded, aligned with my purpose and bliss,
reach for the stars, bringing heaven to earth.
to shine my starry bones in reality’s mirror.

I wanted a soft cloth mother
who I could snuggle into.
But all I got was a wire mother.
Hard and cold with sharp edges,
she couldn’t hold or caress me
with the full cream love I needed.
It wasn’t her fault she hadn’t been taught,
for touch, even hugging, was deemed unnecessary,
in her appearance-driven moneyed family.
And my body never feeling love in its skin,
how could I love my body and fully come into it?
Yet come in I must, for it so deserves my embodied love,
and I truly want to be fully on this planet earth.
Yes it’s time, really time, with all the planets aligned,
to stop listening to old cold messages distaining my body,
and to love me and my body more and more with every day.
For isn’t that what my body problems have been telling me?
My body needs tender loving touch, not fixing or ignoring.
It wants that love from me, right now,
and I, experienced mother that I am, can give it to little me,
who has grieved alone for long enough,
I must give this love to mum and all her ancestors
for they were deprived too.
Yes like the song, love, love, love; love is all we need.

In snows of white,
fields of green,
skies of blue,
I will worship thee.

In suns of yellow,
pools of purple,
deserts of orange,
I’ll worship you.

In clouds of grey,
blood sap of red,
caves of black aubergine,
I will believe in you.

I’ll let your seas of aquamarine,
breezes of rose-pink love,
sunsets of hot crimson fire,
sands of soft tangerine, heal me.

Mother Earth, whatever your hue,
I honour and adore you.
As your daughter, I’ll love myself too,
in all colours, phases and moods.