Category: Fire Poems

You sat there, a square box, with sharp edges, a mysterious package, with such hidden treasures, wrapped in a satin red ribbon, secretly longing to be untied. I helped you undo the bow, bringing you out of your corner, so that over the edge you could go. We were both a bit scared of what we might come to know. It might be an ugly monster, which we couldn’t contain, or a squelchy lump of snot, we must love anyway, or some awful truth that could cause such pain. Yet when we follow fate’s flaming red thread, it’s always more

The sacred land chokes in its own dust A hole in the sky is slowly frying us But worse is the drying up inside as the power hungry critic feeds our dreams to the fires, laughing. When will the phoenix rise from the ashes?

Dare to go there even when you’re afraid. Face the fear and burn the old away. Know you are the flame of God, the fire on the mountain top, the love that can stand no wrong. So come on baby light that fire.

From the continually dying of ego, from the dark cinders of sacrificed old ways, from shed tears that have evaporated, emerges the new man, naked in his truth. Soft and pink in his vulnerability, he now reaches out to connect for no other reason than he must follow the impulse of his new tender heart, and through his raw humour and courage, move us all ever closer to love.

As much as I can, I’ll be the love I yearn for, the gentle hands I search for, the shatterer of stuck old patterns, the transformation worth burning for. I’ll be the heart bursting out, the skin unzipping itself, the horizon I must jump into, the enemy I must hug and forgive, the baby I must birth, the new bud that must emerge, the song I must sing, the dance that takes over my limbs, the poem written in my blood, the sacrifice to the altar of me, the eyes surrendering to mystery, yet also opening to reality, the smile