You sat there, a square box,
with sharp edges,
a mysterious package,
with such hidden treasures,
wrapped in a satin red ribbon,
secretly longing to be untied.
I helped you undo the bow,
bringing you out of your corner,
so that over the edge you could go.
We were both a bit scared
of what we might come to know.
It might be an ugly monster,
which we couldn’t contain,
or a squelchy lump of snot,
we must love anyway,
or some awful truth
that could cause such pain.
Yet when we follow fate’s flaming red thread,
it’s always more wonderful than it seems.
It wakes us from the dead,
enables us to follow our dreams.
The part so long trapped inside
is as enchanting as any child.
It dances with such fiery glee,
saying see I’m wild and free.
Hey just look at me.
Why I’m beautiful!