Category: Spirit Poems

My mind makes shadows in the light, then judges them as deficient, while light smiles on every shadow, claiming them as her own. Can I be the light that I truly am, and bring all my shadows home? Can I value truth more than comfort, love more than appearance, wisdom more than intellectual knowledge, gratitude more than gratification? Can I not run away from human irritation, but know it’s earth’s sand making the pearl? Can I value life in all her shapes and guises, to see the light shining out of every crack and line? Can I, in short, remember

I want a map, a plan, a perfect guarantee, that where I’m going, I’ll be safe and free. But the only way to go into the unknown and be safe, is to go there wholeheartedly with my full presence and being. Then I dissolve fully into sweet Spirit, to experience the flutters in my stomach turning into gentle waves of peace. My tight jaw becomes an open mouth swallowing the whole river of love. Eyes that looked suspiciously, now sparkle deliciously. Even the air around and in me is clear, light and free. And where is my mind? It’s gone

I close off and you open to me more. I resist you and you just soften and adore. I want to run away and you hold me to you with such patience and understanding.. Your consciousness is so astute and deep, its eye penetrates me and I can’t hide. Your heart is so wide, it envelops me. Your passion for truth so huge, it consumes me. Thank you God for never giving up on me. So take every bit of me I’ve been holding back, Take it all, for you, for me, for the universe, and the exquisite pleasure of

The ‘and’ is in my hands. It’s not either or, not a solo versus a chorus, not a quiet soliloquy versus a stirring discourse, not a still stream or rough storm. It’s all choices, all ways of being. Whether it’s spirit in heavenly ether or spirit as human ego on earth, the reality is, it’s still me, her agent, steering and driving my energy vehicle, bringing in the elements as needed to experiment and manifest with, and express spirit in her many forms, as I learn to know myself more and more and enjoy the ride of my life. I