I close off and you open to me more.
I resist you and you just soften and adore.
I want to run away and you hold me to you
with such patience and understanding..
Your consciousness is so astute and deep,
its eye penetrates me and I can’t hide.
Your heart is so wide, it envelops me.
Your passion for truth so huge, it consumes me.
Thank you God for never giving up on me.

So take every bit of me I’ve been holding back,
Take it all, for you, for me, for the universe,
and the exquisite pleasure of serving.
Spirit, take my fingers.
Let them play your melody.
Take my open heart
Bathe in my blood.
Take my solid feet.
Let them walk your path.
Take my identity and form.
Let them bow down to you.
Take my voice,
so it speaks only your truth.
Take my eyes
till all I see is you.
Take me deep into you,
till I truly know I’m an animation of you,
until your spirit and my form,
unite in love to pulse as one.
There is no other; only oneness’ wonder.