As much as I can,
I’ll be the love I yearn for,
the gentle hands I search for,
the shatterer of stuck old patterns,
the transformation worth burning for.
I’ll be the heart bursting out,
the skin unzipping itself,
the horizon I must jump into,
the enemy I must hug and forgive,
the baby I must birth,
the new bud that must emerge,
the song I must sing,
the dance that takes over my limbs,
the poem written in my blood,
the sacrifice to the altar of me,
the eyes surrendering to mystery,
yet also opening to reality,
the smile stretching to infinity,
the responsibility that strangely brings freedom,
the seeker continually becoming the server,
love that has found her arms and legs,
the earth in every cell, the universe in every space,
the masculine and feminine bowing to each other,
manifesting love consciousness in every form and place.