I used to believe that feeling so much,
I really felt and knew myself deeply:
Being a feeling woman was my identity,
my heart’s calling, my reason to be,
But it was all a bit intense and tiring.
One day when experiencing strong feelings I discovered,
that while I might be living in my aura’s emotional level,
I wasn’t present in my body or my aura’s physical level.
Shock. Horror. I wasn’t connected at all;
neither to the ground, or my centre and essence.
My feelings, enjoying hanging out in the held breath
of anticipation and over-excitement,
were not actually feeding me
but leaving me high and dry.
When I did ground my feelings
in reality, in my body, in the physical,
I found their voice deepened and thickened,
becoming fuller, more embodied and resonant;
so much less whiney, hysterical or long-winded,
for now I could breathe fully from my belly and womb,
let my feelings speak their truth and enjoy the real me.